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emPhys Physical Technology is committed to providing the comprehensive multiphysics simulation service for your challenging R&D projects.

The typical project steps

We carefully listen to your project input and extract the best way to transfer the technical questions into powerful COMSOL multiphysics models.

We identify the significant parameters and implement them into the computer model structure. Our powerful workstations process the study. Preliminary results are discussed at the earliest possible stage and appropriate corrections are applied. Continuous feedback to your specialists is key.

We execute the study and present the results in the format of your choice.

We assist your post project activities and help to implement your own COMSOL Multiphysics environment if desired.

We manufacture prototypes.

We verify electromagnetic simulations with prototypes in our RF laboratory.


Analysis - the first step

In a first meeting, be it personal, by phone or web conference, you introduce your project to us. We identify the physical and technical questions. Very frequently those questions are related to:

         General feasibility

         Technological alternatives

         Material selection and optimization



Physical modeling is in most cases not about directly mapping the engineering concept into the computer model. In fact it can be better than that. The computer model allows to simplify things. You don't have to purchase a variety of materials, which can be expensive and time consuming, in order to produce prototypes and test them. Changing a material parameter is just a matter of key strokes.

In the simulation we identify the relevant material parameters and introduce them into the model. Parameter studies determine optimum material parameters. And often even more important: the model finds out to which degree the certain parameter is significant or not. We find out, if it is worthwhile to spend time and money on purchasing and processing expensive materials. The cheaper and off-the-shelf material or component may do the job just as well.

The computer model allows to determine that specific parameter that makes the difference, that makes the concept work finally.

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Solution concept

In the concept finding phase we will try to keep things as simple and fast as possible. Whereas the real world and real things are three dimensional (3D) of course, a first simulation approach can in many cases be based on a 2D simplification. 2D models solve in seconds or minutes on moderate computers whereas 3D models may take hours and require a high end machine with plenty of memory.

The concept finding stage allows to determine the efforts required for a full model that accounts for all relevant parameters and will frequently be in three dimensions.

After the solution concept has been identified we can provide a solid proposal about the scope of a full model and about financial and time requirements. We will be able to tell you which of your questions can be answered by a model and which must be left to prototyping.

You will know what you can expect for your money and put it in relation to the costs of prototyping.

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Now our powerful workstations enter the stage. We will dedicate computer power as required to your project. Typically a more or less extensive parameter study will be conducted.

Results will continuously be monitored. We will be keeping you up-to-date on the project and will immediately inform you about unforeseen results and necessary corrections to the project approach.

Intermediate reviews can be held at certain intervals. Typically moderately large project provide significant updates each couple of days whereas large model may typically take a week between relevant progress steps.

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Documentation, Presentation and Reporting

Once the modeling calculations are completed a wealth of documentation material can be generated in the post processing phase. 2D and 3D color plots, parameter graphs and animations are just examples. We document and present according to your needs. We present the results in personal meetings in your company, in web conferences and of course we provide reports in printed and electronic form.

We will always take care to provide the information you really need. Colorful pictures may be nice, what you really need is the technical information that tells how to make the real thing in the most competitive way and in required quality. We determine your needs in a dialog with you.

Format examples:

         Adobe PDF documents in electronic and in printed form

         Powerpoint presentation

         Animations in various formats

         We convert the scientific-technical documentation into marketing-promotional material, e.g. product brochures, catalog pages, and flyers

On demand you will receive all COMSOL model data in electronic form on any data carrier you wish. This way you can carry on simulation with your own COMSOL Multiphysics resources.

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Assistance and post-project service

We will assist whenever you decide to go ahead with own simulation efforts. We help to get you started with COMSOL Multiphysics. This may include:

         COMSOL offers many application modules for different physics phenomena. We help to identify the modules you need for your business

         We offer hardware consulting. Based on our rich experience we determine your hardware needs, prepare respective specifications and/or acquire and deliver hardware to you.



DSC09927.JPGAny physical modeling effort must bear the challenge: Is the model correct and accurate? Will prototypes perform accordingly and fulfill the expectations?

Our specialty is electromagnetic simulation. In electromagnetic simulation projects we offer experimental verification to a certain degree:

         Development, set up and characterization of suitable electronic circuits

         Prototyping and characterization of antennas and waveguide structure

Our electronic and RF laboratory is currently equipped from DC to 2.5 GHz. According to project needs we can extend our equipment, rent or use external collaborators.


Any more questions?

Check the contact link to get into touch with us and accelerate your R&D activities! We are looking forward to hearing from you!